Your future will be the summit.

About iMorsetech

We generate creative and inspirational ideas for succeeding Information Technology platforms. Our expertise on mobile, web and social media offers unique custom made solutions for your business success. Our work is to provide fast, personalized and affordable web solutions for any project ranging from the extremely large to the negligibly small.

Our mission

Our mission is to enroll our client’s concepts into business realities with dynamic functional approach. We use the internet technologies to maximize investment returns. With the strong stand and strict dedication to quality and best service our clients are always glad and we succeeded in our mission.

Our vision

Our vision is to apply ideal methodologies and tools to reshape the world. Are we ambitious? Ofcourse we are. We want to grow as a major IT service provider which can help enterprises to renew themselves while creating new concepts to re-imagine their business models.

Our values

Customer focus

Understand the customer, generate customer enthusiasm, act with urgency


Reach for excellence, measure for progress, celebrate success

Ongoing improvement

Embrace change, apply best practices, challenge conventional thinking

Integrity and honesty

Quality of being honest with strong principals, accuracy and truthfulness.


Contribute, communicate, and collaborate


Learn, coach and grow

Meet the Directors

Yogesh Sonaje

Yogesh Sonaje, a technology entrepreneur and a perfect business visionary person with 10+ years of tough experience in LAMP technologies along with server administration. He always works hard with goal of making meaningful work and hopefully making iMorsetech a better place along the way. His key strength is working with client very enthusiastically and converts their problems into feasible solutions which turn into great product that feature powerful user experience.

He has excellent business management skills with many significant moves, he supervise the strategic technical direction of the company. Eager to amplify and expand iMorse technology’s footprint by providing best plans to achieve the company vision for the future. Yogesh’s work and overall presence take him beyond client’s expectations all the time.

As a Director he has deep business knowledge. He has created and implemented strict standards for process & quality control. He is brilliant in technical/programming languages like PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, content writing and so on. His thoughtful content grown the team in digital marketing which ultimately helps company’s reach in global markets.

Yogesh keeps observing new ways for new technologies to influence design, thinking and vice versa.

Nitin Patil

With dynamite business vision, Nitin totally focuses on overall growth & obviously efficiency of company as well. His business strategies help to unite the internal team towards a common thought with best project goal. He truly believes in building free environment where employees – CEO communication is open, perspectives are straight and clear with highest importance of collaboration.

He’s passionate about business development, marketing strategy and finding creative solutions that can bring more awareness to our clients’ businesses and organizations.

Additionally, as a technical director, he ensures all code written in well-structured format and has potential to grow as the need arises. He has over 10 years of extensive experience in web and client / server technologies covering all phases of project development including business requirements analysis, architecture and design, user interface design, module and component construction, testing and quality assurance, and implementation. He is knowledgeable across the multiple programming languages and frameworks like Dot net, JavaScript, JQuery, Android and many more.

Prior to iMorsetech, he has experience in research, software product development, application building. He was responsible for team management, project development and deliveries.

“His funda is to live happy, work hard and serve client our best”

Sopan Kshirsagar

Design director Sopan Kshirsagar experience encompasses strong creative skills, ability to pay attention to detail as well as interactive design. Formally trained as designer throughout his career, he is been involved in design and initiatives for client’s large and small creative arts.

Sopan always find an interesting way to spice up a web design to add some depth to it. Instead of making a design flat, his designs stimulate the depth perception of the visitor by using certain elements and techniques. He adds a modern yet sophisticated touch to all his designs, which gives inspiration hits and the right idea forms in his mind. As a designer he focused on overall aesthetic and artwork, have an understanding of the capabilities and development of site which makes his design visual communication.

Apart from designing Sopan Kshirsagar focusing on making something easy tricks that will make other designers job easy and user-friendly.