Making creative professional live.


When it comes to outsourcing, question comes in mind like ‘Can they do it?’,’How are they going to develop/ design our product?’ etc etc
Every companies approach is different depending on the number of experienced resource they have and culture they are following in company.
iMorsetechie’s teamwork and community approach create a shared vision that acts as our beacon throughout every project journey. Our most creative work comes from merging your expertise with ours.
Here’s how we work for our client’s

  • Analysis (Discovery & Planning)

    Analysis is all about making sure that we understand the project and what exactly client want from us. It would be always better if we do it in detail. On the back of this discussion our team gathers information and put together to make final proposal. This finally serves the basic agreement for the two companies and final blue print for the future as well.

  • UI (Design with purpose, usefulness, marketing hub)

    We have talked about our new project, your site, your requirement now it’s time to think about design. We think it’s beneficial to keep this step more transparent and efficient by continuously sharing sketches and concepts. Generally we come up with 2-3 mockups and then share and refine from them. Nothing is coded in the design phase; it’s just pure design with no functionality.

  • Development

    Clean, semantic and lightweight code is written and additional css code is applied if require checking whether the site is mobile friendly. Designer and developer combine take care to make your website responsive which allows site to hide, shrink, resize, enlarge. Very essential step in the process is creating functionality of website. Development is carried out on our development server and successive iteration will be available for you to test.

  • Quality Control

    For iMorsetech “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit”. We are fully dedicated in delivering quality product services that will meet or definitely exceeds customer’s expectations. We nurture an environment where trust, integrity constantly maintained and that is backbone of iMorsetech.

  • User Acceptance Testing

    Project is getting closer to the end phase/ launch stage. The programmers have unit tested the code and also team participated in system tests. User acceptance test allows clients to ensure the developed system has met their all requirements. Here we expect the client to approve the product or point out the things which need to make more sharper.

  • Launch!

    You have successfully tested the site, had it reviewed and approved by the project stakeholders and now it’s a big day. Ready to Launch.
    We take equal care of project according to maintenance point of view. Post Live, we do thorough walkthrough of the website and try to make immediate changes to the site like fixing broken links, editing copy and making adjustment.